Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kilgore Steps Up Attacks on Kaine
He Lets Loose The L-word

On election eve in Virginia GOP candidate Jerry Kilgore finally fired his big guns against Democratic nominee Tim Kaine. Not satisfied with calling Kaine too compassionate while at the same time comparing him to Hitler, Jerry ran about a zillion TV commercials accusing Kaine of being a liberal. Obviously I was mistaken earlier when I said there were no depths to which the Kilgore campaign would not sink. For the past thirty years there has been nothing worse in American politics than being labeled a liberal. Even liberals acknowledge this for they are no longer liberals but progressives. Perhaps they forget the problems inherent in the concept of, ‘A rose by any other name,” as told to us by sages from William Shakespeare to Umberto Eco.

To be a liberal is to be worse than an axe murderer or child molester. Without doubt Jerry and the Virginia Republicans believe this for the GOP candidate for Attorney General, Robert McDonnell, has child molestation issues of his own. His one time campaign manager and chief aide is a convicted pedophile.

It remains to be seen if this media attack, I would use the term ‘blitzkrieg’ except it comes as no surprise, will be successful. But as I said before, if it is, shame on Virginia.

[1] Kilgore Part 1

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