Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Remedial Ethics 101
An Exercise In Futility

White House ethics classes began today and for the life of me I can’t understand it. Who could have thought this up and what were they thinking? Let me say that there are those who say ‘exercise in futility’ is the wrong epithet that I should say contradiction in terms when discussing the Bush White House and ethics. Perhaps they are correct for I have no evidence to the contrary. But let’s pretend that someone in the White House actually thought sending 3000 Administration employees to remedial ethics class was a good idea.

I repeat, what were they thinking? It is a clear cut admission that the Administration is totally corrupt and running out of control, so much so that the only way to correct it is to bring the problem to the attention of the nation and world. This is not a Karl Rove scheme, for while Karl is not the brightest bulb in the bin even he is not that stupid. Besides Karl’s modus operandi is not one of candor and forthrightness but instead one of lying and deceit.

Then to compound the problem after admitting how corrupt they are they want us to believe that they can repent. They expect us to accept that the real decision makers among the 3000 alpha males and females who have spent their entire political lives scratching and clawing for power are suddenly going to change their previously admitted corrupt ways now that they have reached the apex of the political universe. Hey stranger things have happened, Moses parted the Red Sea and Lazarus rose from the dead. But I have to admit that believing this administration can and will change stretches my faith beyond its limits.

To whoever thought up this course of action let me say, I do not think you are stupid I think you are naïve. I also think you are brave, courageous, and truthful. Unfortunately those are not traits conducive to a long live in the Bush Administration. Good luck, it is time to update your resume.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To Make.

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