Monday, November 28, 2005

What Was Not A Lie?
The Lesser’s Twisted Path

Has Bush the Lesser ever told the truth? In all my research I have found one possible instance. While running for President in 1999 he was asked about his use of illegal drugs. He answered, "I could have passed the background check on the standards applied on the most stringent conditions when my dad was President of the United States - a 15-year period." He has never clarified that statement, so we are left to ponder just how far back that 15 year period goes. Does it go back 15 years from 1999, from 1989 when his dad became President, or some time in between? Actually I have to include another statement he made, "I have not used illegal drugs since 1974." That means that I may have found two statements where he told the truth, since one does not necessarily preclude the other. But given his history we must at least seriously consider that he was lying at least once if not both times.

What brought this to mind was Frank Rich’s piece in yesterday’s New York Times, “Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt …” It dealt with The Lesser’s deceit from start to unending of the Iraq war. Rich asked the question,” What was not a lie?” This got me to thinking why should we limit the question to just one aspect of Bush’s life? The answer was simple we shouldn’t. He is the one who ran on restoring morals and ethics to government. He and his trainer, Karl Rove, have lied continually about everything in their rush to power. Now granted it is the nature of politicians to lie, but most try to tell the truth at least every blue moon, not so Bush. Whether its drugs, Iraq, corporate malfeasance, being compassionate, funding projects he pays only lip service to, etc etc, he lies about it all. But on the positive side we have never had such a consistent President.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To Make.

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