Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Declares Constitution Null And Void
It Is Old And Outdated

This new threat required us to think and act differently,” with these words George Walker Bush declared his imperial (dictatorial) presidency. He said he was above the law of the land. The nation hadn’t heard such hubris since the days of Contragate and before that Watergate. As Reagan and Nixon did with those two crimes the Bush Administration attempted to conceal and justify their law-breaking with the standard radical right
explanation of “National Security”. Unfortunately for them the old, ‘we had to destroy it so we could save it’ routine doesn’t play any better today than it did in the past. And there is a reason for that, it is totally insane. It makes sense only to the intellectually, morally, and ethically challenged. That certainly explains why Bush and his cronies chose to use it.

It didn’t take the President very long to start his pattern of lying and deceiving. His tenth sentence was this, “Our mission in Iraq is critical in the victory in the global war on terror. After our country was attacked on September the 11th and nearly 3,000 lives were lost, I vowed to do everything within my power to bring justice to those who were responsible.” After more than 4 years he is still trying to mislead the American people into believing Iraq had something to do with 9-11. His WMD ploy failed, he hasn’t much else to use. Bush is running scared, he always has eventually. He and Karl Rove wanted desperately for others in his administration and party to be the ones in the public spotlight, the ones defending the lies and deception. But as many succumbed to scandal and indictment, Bush has had no option except to place himself on the firing line. This was a great plan on September 12, 2001. It is an act of desperation in December 2005.

After decades of cowering before the onslaught of the extreme right, the Media at long last seems to be rediscovering a backbone. As more and more lies and crimes of conservative reactionaries come to light the media is refusing, albeit slowly, to close their eyes to all the excesses. Hopefully as Richard Cohen has called for, we are entering the era of accountability and leaving the ‘I am responsible but it is someone else’s fault’ era.

One of the first things we must hold Bush accountable for is this from his opening decree yesterday, “As President and Commander-in-Chief, I have the constitutional responsibility and the constitutional authority to protect our country. Article II of the Constitution gives me that responsibility and the authority necessary to fulfill it.” Nowhere does it give him the right to define and select what parts of the Constitution he decides to defend and protect. In fact the very reason for the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights is to prevent some hegemonic dictator or would be king from being able to steal the people’s rights.

In trying to secure these powers for himself Bush went on to add a plea for the extension of the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” Bill, or as he likes to euphemistically refer to it, ‘The Patriot Act’. He said,”Another vital tool in the war on terror is the Patriot Act. After September the 11th, Congress acted quickly and responsibly by passing this law.” Well they acted quickly at least, kind of. It was passed after an all night writing session conducted by whom no one knows. It just mysteriously appeared around 8 A.M. and was put up to vote without allowing Congress to get a chance to read the bill. Bush calls surrender your rights to me without knowing what you do responsible! Well he would.

Then Bush got really weird. He defended his attack against the poor and under privileged of America by saying, “We were wise with taxpayer's money and cut non-security discretionary spending below last year's level.” He went on to say, “We passed bankruptcy reform and class action lawsuit reform…, we need to keep taxes low, and make the tax relief permanent. We must restrain government spending, and I'm pleased that the House today has voted to rein in entitlement spending by $40 billion, and I urge the United States Senate to join them.” As I said yesterday the only sacrifices Bush calls for are from someone besides himself and his moneyed class. It is way past time to hold him accountable for his war against the Constitution and the American people.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

If we get rid of Bush , we have Cheney. If we get rid of them both ,we end up with Ted Stevens. I am depressed.
Every member of the House swore an oath to support and defend the CONSTITUTION. Every member should be called upon to do his or her duty and conduct hearings on the issues of whether or not the President committed an impeachable act on this issue and this should be the first order of business. Loyalty to the Constitution and to the Country Comes Before Loyalty to Party
No, after Cheney, the next in line is Dennis Hastert. But if bush were impeached, Cheney as the new "president" would have the authority to pick his VP (who would be confirmed by the Senate). Bush and Cheney would have to depart at the same time, through death, inability to perform the duties or their office, or impeachment before it would go to Hastert. Anyway you look at it, however, none of these thugs are good news.
Bush is just a pathetic patsy. Cheney and the neocons are the enemy, and behind them, the real scurge of humanity - zionism.

It surely seems at times that ridding our country's highest elective office of a criminal like Bush gives us an even worse criminal in Cheney BUT we truly have no choice. In fact, I believe that the only way our beautiful country is ever going to regain the respect of the rest of the world will be to demonstrate that we really do adhere to the rule of law; that Justice is more to us than a word used to reek revenge on those who have caused us pain and anguish. We must show the world that if those in leadership positions betray us through treasonous lies and deceitful actions that we will remove them from the office they have degraded, drag them before the courts and punish them to the full extent of the law. Anything less on our part justifies our enemies conceptions of us as an arrogant tyrannical power bent on enforcing our will on others.
Don't you think that if king george and the hooded hatchet man cheny had gleaned anything of signifigance from SPYING on American soil without a warrant... those apprehended would not have been paraded all accross the fox news channel on American television screens?? Remember when they got Padilla, Ashcroft was on American tv in a matter of minutes from overseas touting this capture of a terrorist. Remember also the parading of the dude who wanted to bring down the Brookly bridge... by using blow torches... not BOMBS.. is often refrerred to when this administration wants to point out that they are keeping americans "safe"....

the MSM has lulled americans into a trance of FEAR, as ordered and directed, and sometimes paid for, by this administration.

They have set up "protest" areas and yes, I guarantee you they TAKE PHOTOS of the crowd... as I myself was "targeted" at a hometown event attended by my lousy congressman.. pulled out of a CROWD of people by a man in black paramilitary dress... and "reminded" that there will be NO PROTESTING or disrupting the event... what the hell is going on in America anyway? and no, i don't have any "bumper stickers" on my car that would have identified me as an "enemy combatant".

bush via the MSM has convinced many Americans that it is better to "black out" certain parts of our constitution in the name of "security", than to abide by the laws our country has had for well over 200 years.

In other words, the FEAR has allowed bush to have the American people wave the White Flag of Surrender to the terrorists cause.. and that White Flag is OUR CONSTITUTION!
To anonymous # 4, you are quite correct in recognizing many of the perpetrators of the Bush War have an interest in Israel. However their main concerns in the Middle East have to do with oil. The 'neocons' seek world hegemony for the United States. This requires access and control of world energy supplies.
The political situation of Israel and Palestine has been mishandled since 1917 when Britain issued the "Balfour Declaration". There has been constant war in the area since the end of WW II. And while the Jews and the Palestinians are the combatants it is the machinations of the world powers that laid the current foundations for conflict. Now both Jews and Palestinians are responsible for the endless violence.

Balfour Declaration
It is well known that any govenment or police dept. must get A warrent from A Judge before they wire tape An american citizen. That is the law? that is before GWB became president? He makes up the law as he go's along. The
congress and senate are just his play toys. He tells them what he wants them to do and they do it. 98% of the time. Nothing to see here please move on. We are fighting A war, and every thing go's.
Impeach Bush. Slip Cheney some viagra. That will kill him. Congress would be so busy spinning they would get nothing done. Which would be an improvement.
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