Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Compassionless Conservatism
A Not So Merry Christmas

On Saturday June 12, 1999 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa George Walker Bush defined his candidacy for President of the United States as such, "Is compassion beneath us? Is mercy below us? Should our party be led by someone who boasts of a hard heart? I am proud to be a compassionate conservative. I welcome the label. And on this ground, I'll take my stand. I am running because my party must match a conservative mind with a compassionate heart.” There has never been a more hypocritical or deceitful statement in the history of American politics. Mr. Bush was most egregious in the non-adherence to this idea while he was Governor of Texas and has been faithfully consistent in his non-adherence throughout his presidency. There is one qualifier. Bush has always been extremely compassionate to the haves and have-mores; the elites who comprise his social and political base.
This ‘compassion’ has come at the expense of all the rest of America, not just the poor and destitute, though as always the burden lays heaviest on the poor. ‘Tis long past the season to hold Mr. Bush accountable for his folly.

While Mr. Bush has been unwavering in his support of welfare (tax cuts and subsidies) for the wealthy and corporate America, he has more than compensated by cutting back assistance to the poor, needy, old, and the young. Most of these cuts include the scaling back of such luxuries as medical care, heating assistance, food, child care, education, and quality of the environment. Despite these and other draconian cutbacks he continues to push the country further and further into massive debt. He has fostered a war in Iraq that several members of his administration had been planning since 1992.
He lied his way into war and continues to lie in order to prolong it.

We shouldn’t be surprised at George’s actions since becoming President, it follows the same playbook he used while Governor of Texas. It was the same game plan; rob the poor to give to the rich, increase corporate profits by any means possible especially deregulation, and to reward his elitist friends while trying to destroy his political opposition (enemies).

Mr. Bush professes to be a Christian, and while it is beyond the ability of anyone to see into his heart, it is not beyond the ability of anyone to determine if his deeds correspond to the life and teachings of Christ. I do not know if Mr. Bush and his right-wing supporters have read the Christian Bible, but I do know if they have they have failed to understand even its most basic tenets and concepts. I defy any Pat, James, or Jerry to say otherwise.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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