Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Last Exit To Baghdad
On The Highway To Hell

After reading “Victory In Iraq”, President Bush’s latest work of fiction, I am more convinced than ever that America is not going to be able to disentangle itself from the self created morass anytime soon. Not only do we not have a plan or some workable timetable to get out, we haven’t bothered to define one very important term, ‘get out’. Just what is meant by this?

From before day one of the invasion it has been the intent of the war planners to establish permanent military bases in Iraq. That has not changed. Rather than say we will eventually leave we say our position will evolve with the changing conditions. Nothing wrong with that in fact it makes sense in as far as it is tied to a withdrawal strategy. But ‘The Lesser’ carefully avoids saying this. He avoids it because he has no intention of doing so. Oil is the life’s blood of the modern world. The radical neocons have no intention of not having the American military in close proximity to its source. The neocons also want the added layer of American involvement in Israeli affairs. And the Bush family gets to protect the ruling al Saud family in Saudi Arabia. The Royal Family is terrified of the possibility of revolt and upheaval in the Kingdom. Resentment of America has forced us to withdraw our troops from Saudi Arabia, but this way they are just across the border. Knowing how catastrophic our invasion of Iraq has become some no doubt think we would never send troops into Saudi Arabia to fight. Those who think this have failed to understand the true radical agenda, the building and sustaining of an American Empire based on the preeminence of military power.

There will probably be three or four permanent bases
in Iraq, one in Kurdish territory, one in eastern and western Iraq, and probably one close to Baghdad. There will also be a continued build up of forces in Kuwait. These bases will all have large airfields to enable the quick and large deployment of troops. Though most likely these bases in Iraq will be self-sustaining with no contact with the Iraqi people it is most unlikely that they will engender peace and goodwill toward the United States.

The prospect of permanent bases was brought up last year by a small contingent of the media but has not been raised since. It is time for not only the media but also the Democrats and all of the American people to start asking tough questions.

Bush's Ghostwriter?

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To Make.

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