Friday, December 02, 2005

The Loyal Opposition
Teaching A Dead Dog An Old Trick

Over the past few weeks a faint but noticeable pulse has been detected from the heretofore dormant carcass of the Democratic Party. At first many thought it was only a hallucinatory flashback to the vibrant and turbulent times of the ‘60s. But closer examination does show signs of life emanating from the Democrats. It is a revival long time coming. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes it gives hope to a new life, a turning away from the divisive and destructive politics of the Republican Party and their ruling clique of the radical right.

This revival also gives rise to a conundrum. How is it to be sustained? The radical right did not seize power from mainstream America by preaching the worth of love and peace. They grabbed it with their gospel of hate and fear. Their political Bible taught the tactics of the repetitious use of lying, cheating, and stealing. They proved to be successful beyond the wildest dreams of even the most crazed reactionary. But if the Democrats resort to the use of the same evil ways then the new boss would be the same as the old boss, if indeed they did win.

Politicians almost always take the easiest way out. So the temptation will be great to simply copy the mean-spirited plan of the radical right. The Democrats must resist that at all costs. To do otherwise is to admit ‘we have met the enemy and he is us.’ However there are some things that should be taken from Rove, Atwater, and the evil ones. First everyone should read the following, Machiavelli’s, The Prince; Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War; and Clausewitz’, On War. These two treatises should also be read, 'Frank Luntz Republican Playbook' and David Horowitz’, ‘The Art of Political War’. These writings basically make up the true Bible of the radical right. The gist of their message is that all is fair in war, politics is war, and therefore all is fair in politics. It is nothing more than a philosophical rationalization to justify their lying, cheating, and deceiving their way to the usurpation of power.

These writings need to be read not to emulate the radical right’s despicable tactics but to understand their siege mentality and their ‘us against them’ attitude. An attitude that was best described by one of Karl Rove’s favorite writers, Vladimir Lenin, when he proclaimed, “In political conflicts, the goal is not to refute your opponent's argument, but to wipe him from the face of the earth.” Karl and the gang certainly took those words to heart.

There is one exception and those who have read many of my blogs are familiar with it, repetition. I use the terms extremists, reactionary, right-wing, far right, etc etc again and again. All opposition to the extreme right should make use of a vocabulary that accurately defines the far right-wing for what it is. So be repetitive. It is the repetition of truth, and while it may get to be boring it is not the repetition of lies.

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The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To Make.

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