Thursday, December 01, 2005

Victory In Iraq
The ‘Lesser’ Definition

In yesterday’s most recent ‘Rovian doublethink’ 5600 word proclamation by George the Lesser, the first thing he addressed and called for was victory in Iraq. This would entail an “Iraq that is peaceful, united, stable, and secure,” a noble but surely unattainable concept. It not only ignores the current situation in Iraq but also its history. Iraq was initially established after World War I to enhance and protect British oil interests. But that has completely changed. Iraq now exists to enhance and protect American oil interests. Surely everyone can see the difference.

Now other than substituting one imperialist for another, the situation in Iraq is remarkably unchanged. The national boundaries were drawn by the British in total disregard for the religious, cultural, and ethnic differences of the indigenous peoples there. After all, despite these serious problems there was the overriding glue, oil.That is still the one overriding concern. We need pay no attention to these minor conflicts between Sunni, Sh’ite, and Kurds. Even though they have existed for centuries the allure of western money and materialism will make them magically disappear, or so goes the current neocon theory. It is a theory conceived in avarice and pipe dreams.

The situation in Iraq under Saddam was horrible, in retrospect the only thing good we can say about it is that it was better than the current situation two and half years after the Bush invasion, high praise indeed. It is now apparent that it will take years for the Iraqis just to work their way back up to the deplorable conditions of Hussein. Bush not only is wrong he is lying when he calls for victory in Iraq. He knows there will be no victory for America. Sooner or later it will end the same way as Vietnam, we will declare victory and then come home. The only questions are when and how many Americans and Iraqis will be killed and wounded before we accept the inevitable.

This war has been in the planning stages for years. I use the word planning loosely for obviously there was no tactical thought given to the preparation and conduct of the war. There was no tactical or strategical thought given to a post Saddam era. Lesser and company have been flying by the seat of their pants. It is time for a new pilot.

Do not misunderstand me, oil and energy will be at the front of America’s problems for quite some time. They will get worse before they get better. The question our current situation poses is how are we going to deal with these problems? Are we to take the Bush and radical right‘s unilateral solution of aggressive preemptive strikes to protect and secure oil fields, or do we wish to work with the international community to achieve peace and prosperity for all?

A Plan ?

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To Make.

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