Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ticket To Paradise
Daniel Webster v Pat Robertson et al

Several clergymen both real and fictional have been making headlines recently. Pat Robertson never one to have his foot out of his mouth for very long has done it yet again. In fact this condition has become so commonplace he will probably require surgery to have it removed. Mr. Robertson’s ailment is not a recent malady. He has been afflicted with it his entire life. In fact he most likely inherited it from his outspoken racist father, A. Willis Robertson, U.S. Senator from Virginia for 20 years (1946-1966). Pat’s elitist and racist politics have never strayed from the bigoted ideas of his father.

It is way past time for the Christian community to stand up against the un-Christian rantings and deeds of Mr. Robertson and other charlatans like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. Their teachings are of politics based on power and prestige taken by the few to the detriment of the many. Any resemblance to their diatribes and the teachings of Christ is coincidental and mainly unintentional. They always add a speck of truth to their systematic lies in hopes of giving legitimacy to their false agenda and propaganda. A perfect example is their claim that Christianity is under attack in America. That is definitely true. What is not true is their claim that the attack comes from the left and a ‘liberal’ media. The attack comes from themselves and other members of the radical right that preach hate and divisiveness by instilling fear into their followers. All one has to do is read the New Testament to see that that Mr. Robertson et al are not the purveyors of truth that they claim to be but are the disseminators lies and false teachings. Don’t take my word for it, read the Gospels and decide for yourself. Do not think this is an attempt to proselytize on my part for it is not. I seek not to convert but only to point out the vast discrepancies between the teachings of the ‘Religious Right’ and the teachings of Christ.

The Book of Daniel, a TV show about the life of an Episcopalian clergyman, Daniel Webster, had its premier Friday. It debuted to wide spread criticism from the extreme right. They attacked it with a vengeance. TV stations in Indiana and Arkansas refused to air it. I loved it; it depicted the state of the ‘Church’ with an irreverence that needs to be shown much more often. Jesus walked on water; today’s Church is at best up to its neck in raging torrents. The Church has for centuries been more concerned with institutional dogma and power rather than living up to the ideals of Christ. This program shows the Webster family with all its human frailties trying to deal with such a situation. They do it by truly loving and caring for each other. It is a dark comedy but a comedy nonetheless. It shows the paradoxes and absurdities of life. I burst out laughing several times. I found myself disgusted several times.

The show was summed up when Christ told Daniel, “Life is hard for everyone.” That is something we should all be aware of. And if we are we should soften our hearts like Daniel Webster and family. Given an option of going on the stairway to heaven tended by Pat Robertson or Daniel Webster, I choose Daniel.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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Daniel Webster also shows a laid-back, anything-goes Jesus. Thats not terribly scriptural, ws... or maybe that doesn't concern you?
Chris, A laid back Christ concerns me far less than the false representations of the 'Christian' Right. I don't believe it did depict an anything goes Christ. It did depict a forgiving Christ for the mistakes of a young teenage girl. The Jesus portrayed in Daniel Webster at least showed love and compassion toward all the characters. That is in sharp contrast to the hate and fear dispensed by the likes of Robertson and his ilk.

Who knows how the show will turn out? It was only one episode. It certainly didn't deserve the attacks thrown its way. It did ridicule the institutional Church, a practice started by Jesus.
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