Friday, May 12, 2006

The Sword Of Damocles
The Dubya Legacy

George W. Bush, the radical right, and their extremist followers have placed America and the world in a most precarious and dangerous position. They are in an out of control headlong rush to consolidate corporate hegemony, power, and profits; and to dictate the thoughts and way of life of the entire global community. In their attempt to empower and enrich the privileged few they have left the health and well being of everyone on planet Earth hanging by a hair.

That hair is fraying, and if allowed to continue will bring life as we know it to a screeching and abrupt halt. Time is no longer a luxury. If we are to survive, action must be taken now, we can no longer Bet On The Come. We must derail the Bush and radical right’s train to oblivion. The first step must be accomplished on November 7th of this year. It is imperative that the Democrats win control of the Senate and/or House of Representatives. As I said yesterday the House is the only viable possibility this year. The Democrats must have one and only one goal, get elected, kick a Republican. To this end the various factions and splinter groups that make up the Democratic Party must give up their time honored demand that any and all Democratic candidates strictly adhere to and profess faith in whichever dogma that particular group regards as sacrosanct. There is really not that much difference between the radical right and the radical left except that they pray to different gods and up to now the radical right has been much savvier about politics.

But this election is only an emergency stopgap. America will change whether by our own design or by the capriciousness of someone or something else. Our chance of survival and living “the good life” is much better if we change ourselves. But who is to lead this change, Democrats, Republicans, or some yet unknown? No matter who it is there are certain knowns that must be dealt with. The American society based on unlimited consumption is doomed. We live in a world of limited resources and the peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are demanding and will continue to demand more and more of those resources. They will get them.

The American society being sustained by foreign holders of American debt is also doomed. Right now Japan is the largest holder of American debt, soon it will be China. Notice something here? We’re talking Asian. To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Asians are different than you and me,” not better; not worse; just different. One of the ways they are different is their concept of time. There are many things we should have learned from our experience in Vietnam. The one I refer to here is the Asian attitude toward patience. They do not live by the Western concept of immediacy. The long term to them is long term; not three months till the next quarterly statement; and not till the end of the day and the closing stock price. Right now the Chinese, in particular, deem it to be in their best interest to hold up the American economy. This will not always be the case; then they won’t.

The American society based on the individual internal combustion engine is doomed. It will not be very long till $3.00 for a gallon of gas will be nothing but a nostalgic memory of the good old days. Soon oil will be powering the engine of the Chinese economy not the American automobile. The Age of Ford will be no more.

These are just three of the certain changes to come. There are many more some will be man made, some will be natural. The Pacific tsunami, the Pakistan earthquake, and Hurricane Katrina all give evidence to impending disasters that will happen. Life IS hard and challenging enough for everyone without having to deal with an artificial world created by Bush and those like him for the betterment and enjoyment for an elite and chosen few. It is our world if we so choose. Who do you want to make that decision?

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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