Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Three Stooges
Bush The Small, Bush The Lesser, and Bush The Least

George ‘Dubya’ Bush, the Lesser, said today that his brother Jeb Bush, the Least, would make a great President. This seems to be at best very presumptuous and at the worst very cynical and stupid. It could be that Dubya was thinking that no President could ever be any worse than he, the Lesser, is and by comparison anyone else would have to be better. But history belies this way of reasoning. Up until Dubya most people thought no President could be worse than Ronald Reagan, we now know that to be false.

It is not hard to discern several patterns among the Bush family. They are greedy, class conscious, not very bright, unsympathetic and not empathetic, and most of all they are willing to say and do anything in their lust for power. While all politicians embody some of these traits the Bushes are the poster children for all of them. This coupled by the trend of decreasing competence from father, the Small; to child, the Lesser; does not lend much confidence or hope that that the Least would only be as bad as his brother the Lesser, much less better.

Of course in the above paragraph I refer to fairness and justice of governance, not the capability to get elected. The Least has had six years to improve and perfect on the illegal and unscrupulous tactics he used to steal the Florida vote for the Lesser in 2000. We know for a fact that Diebold and other companies have been working hard to insure that the “right” vote count prevails in all elections. No doubt the Least and other members of the radical right have spent countless hours working on new plans and derivatives that would make sure that only the correct names show up on future voter registration logs.

While this may seem to be contradictory with the incompetence I spoke of earlier it most definitely is not, for the skills needed to be elected are often diametrically opposed to the skills that insure fairness and justice in the operations of government. I wholeheartedly admit that the radical right has honed the skills of winning (stealing) elections to both a science and an art form.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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