Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Five Month Plan Part 1
Facing Reality

As I said yesterday it is imperative that the Democratic Party regain control of either the Senate or House. In order to do this they need to forego such things as demanding a candidate lay down his life for a green-eyed newt found only in the four corners area of the United States and at a cost of the loss of three billion jobs in America. They need to let go of the idea of the government giving $20 trillion for the next Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit in which all the adults attending must wear Speedos and be accompanied by a twelve year old. In short they need to wise up.

Anyone not on life support or a card carrying member of the Radical Republican Right (RRR) knows America is in deep trouble and must turn away from the extreme and hateful agenda of George Bush and his cronies. The problem for Democrats is that they too know this but they have been unable to do anything about it. The reasons for this are several. While they might not be brain dead many are running on low octane; their bulbs are dim at best. Another common trait for them is lack of courage; leadership implies that you are out in front not following the pack. Some are enamored with the sound of their own voice; they enjoy their fifteen minutes. Some just enjoy the notoriety of being a victim. Some place their own selfish narrow agendas ahead of the overall good and in so doing insure not only the defeat of their own cause but the steady decline of the nation as well.

Here is a hint; as long as George W. Bush and those like him are in control, unless you are a card carrying member of the RRR, your life and your agenda are going to continue down the tubes. America must change, but it is not going to be overnight or in five or six months. It will take time to overcome the RRR coup. It will come as the RRR coup itself, in increments. But we must begin the first step now. The RRR chokehold on government and liberty must be broken. Step one must be November 7th. Vote for any and all Democrats regardless of whether they jump out of closets, sanctuaries, or boardrooms. The five month plan is to work and vote for all Democrats.

And that is all it is, a five month plan. If I am drowning I don’t care if an eight foot tall transvestite, a gay bashing steel worker, a corporate vice-president, or a purple haired Martian throws me a life preserver; I’m grabbing it. I’ll worry about saving a sinking ship after I’m out of the water. To my way of thinking my martyrdom only helps the RRR. Take a clue from the RRR, let the other guys fall on their swords.

So I am giving the Democrats 5 months; then they must give me 2 years to take action and start steering America on a different course. Right now there is no one on the Democratic horizon, well perhaps Dennis Kucinich, that I would even consider supporting for President in 2008 as long as they hold on to their philosophy and deeds of today.

The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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