Monday, May 15, 2006

A Five Month Plan – Part 2
A Referendum On Dubya

The November election is nothing more or less than an up or down vote on George W. Bush and his gang of right-wing radicals. It is a national referendum on whether to continue the policies of divisiveness and destruction of the last six years. Are we to continue the politics of the extreme for the betterment of the few or, are we to turn to a different path of healing and hope for an endangered world, a world that has suffered through six years of deliberate callousness and abuse? It is the world of George Bush as planned by Karl Rove. It is a world of power and greed fueled by hate and fear.

As I have said over the last few days it is a world that has been in the making for the last 40 years. It is a world so evil that the crowning stage could not be allowed to be settled by a majority of the electorate. It could only come about by a coup set in motion by an ambitious prince stealing an election for his older brother. Then in true fascist fashion an elite cadre, consisting of a woman and four men, refused a democratic solution by dictating the legitimacy of the theft. And you wonder at the state of the world today?

Only the intervention of a madman, and perhaps voting machines, allowed this extremist coup to survive this long. Osama bin Laden had no idea of the havoc he was unleashing when he carried out his treacherous attacks of September 11th. Of course he would have been thrilled had he known, but the law of unintended consequences gave him a much larger victory. We can only pray that it will not be permanent.

Had there been no 9/11 the major political story for 2002 would have been the economy, Wall Street, and the corruptness of Corporate America. The Democrats would have won at least one House of Congress if not both and in 2004 King George would have been deposed, buried in the trash heap of other dictatorial wannabes. But at least he would not have had to bear the burden of being the worst President in American History.

Again, it is not that the Democrats are so good, it is that Dubya has turned out so inconceivably bad. Had America known in 2000 how extreme, uncaring, and inept
Bush was not even his lying stealing brother could have saved him. The Supreme king makers would not have come into play.

So this election is a referendum on George W. Bush. The next few days we will look in more detail at individual issues, issues propagated by his lies and deception.

A Five Year Plan Part 1

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