Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Kuintessential Republicans Part 2
The K Street Gang

In 1960 John Kennedy trounced Richard Nixon in the Presidential election by a little over 100,000 votes out of almost 69,000,000 cast. The electoral count was 303 to 219. Though he never contested the election Nixon always believed Kennedy and the Democrats stole the election. He could have been right.

Kennedy won Illinois by less than 9000 votes out of almost 4.8 million cast. There is no doubt that the Daley Cook County political machine aided by the Chicago mafia significantly added to Kennedy’s total. However the State GOP party was pulling the same kind of stunts for Nixon downstate. But all things considered Daley and the mob probably stole more votes than the downstate good ol’ boys. It might be worth noting that voting machines were used in Cook County for the first time in 1960. Kennedy won Illinois’ 27 electoral votes.

With Lyndon Johnson on the ticket as Vice-President, Kennedy carried Texas by 1,167,567 votes to 1,121,310 votes for Nixon, a difference of a little over 46,000. At the risk of having some infer that other states’ politics are clean let me say that Texas politics is and always has been extremely dirty. The Johnson Texas machine made ample use of the graveyard vote as well as shanghaiing Mexican illegals to the polls to cast democratic ballots. It is debatable as to whether they stole almost 50,000 votes though. Kennedy won Texas’ 24 electoral votes.

If you choose to believe that both states were stolen, Nixon did, and if you reverse their electoral count Nixon would have had 270 electoral votes to Kennedy’s 252. Nixon would have been President, we may or may not have had Watergate, Nixon probably would not have resigned, and a certain amount of the extreme right’s vitriol and hatred might have been averted or contained.

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