Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kuintessential Republicans Part 6
The K Street Gang – A Gingrich and Corporate Apologetic

The main thesis of Continetti is the evil and badness of big government. The quagmire of corruption that we find in Washington today is not the fault and responsibility of the Republican Party and corporate America which have been running an anti-democratic takeover since 1968. All our problems can be laid at the feet of big government. If the government were smaller then there wouldn’t be any corrupt lobbyists trying to buy and bribe our elected officials. Here is a conservative either without a clue to the intrinsic nature of corporate capitalism and human beings; or a person who is a cynic and is desperately trying to conceal and cover-up the workings of big business and their GOP toadies.

Another point of the book is the political rehabilitation of Newt Gingrich. In this Continetti is showing the desperation of the far right in their attempt to avoid catastrophe in 2006 and 2008. This shows just how panicked the extreme right is. They have totally forgotten about the Democratic Party. If ever there was a group so inclined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory it is and has been the Democratic Party. Since the ending of WW II the Democrats have received over 50% of the popular vote all of two times, 1964 and 1976. That’s 2 out of the last 15 elections. In 1964 Johnson got 61.8% that’s because he got a huge sympathy vote for a slain President and his opponent was totally inept. In 1976 Jimmy Carter only got 50.8% of the vote, this after the greatest scandal in American politics, at least up to that time. Bill Clinton won with 43% of the vote in 1992, thanks to Ross Perot. He was reelected in 1996 with 49.2% of the vote. And by that time he had become a corporate Republican wearing Democratic clothing when indeed he wore clothes. That’s it that’s all, there are no more. Anyone afraid of the Democrats is on the verge of being as dumb as they, Democrats, are.

Granted George W. Bush is by far the worst President in United States history. Granted that it is now obvious that if this fact is not universally recognized by no later than 2012 earth will soon be a pretty crappy place to be. Despite these things it is only problematical that the Democrats will achieve much success beyond possibly the 2006 Congressional races. They are a party of no present, no future, and a 70 year old past. They have no vision, they have no memory. They have no substance or soul, their essence is as ephemeral as an early morning fog on a hot August day.

They most likely will be too dumb to understand that my Democratic vote this fall will be not be a clarion call for the virtues of the Democratic Party but rather a shout of disgust and disdain against the hatred, the corruptness, the ineptitude, and the inhumanity of George W. Bush and the Republican Party.

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