Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kuintessential Republicans Part 3
The K Street Gang – Radical Republican Agenda

A bitter and paranoid Richard Nixon was elected President in 1968. The seeds of a devolving Republican radical right had taken roots. Also a pattern of subverting the existing American government became SOP of the GOP. In May 1968 after LBJ announced he would not run for reelection the United States entered into peace negotiations with North Vietnam. Henry Kissenger covertly intervened with the North Vietnamese to kill the talks until after the 68 election. After the election Kissenger was immediately rewarded for his treachery. He was named Nixon’s National Security Advisor. The Nixon campaign also held secret talks with the South Vietnamese before the election. They met with South Vietnam’s President, Nguyen Van Thieu, and told him he would get a better deal with Nixon rather than with Johnson or the Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey if he were elected. This style of treachery and treason would be repeated by Ronald Reagan during the 1980 Presidential campaign. William Casey, Reagan’s campaign director met secretly with representatives of Iran to insure they would not release the American Embassy hostages before the election. The hostages were released on Reagan’s inauguration day and Casey was named Director of the C.I.A.

The 1968 election marked the change of the Republican Party to the anti-(small d)democratic party. Their only 2 concerns would be their election/reelection and the advancement of the nation’s corporate rulers and elites. Nixon solidified the first goal and Reagan cemented the second. Of course these had always been a part of the Republican platform, but after Nixon and Reagan they became the only parts of the Republican Radical Agenda.

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The Bush Credo - No Sacrifice Is Too Great For Others To

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